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Building a Sustainable Home: 4 Solar Energy Uses for Homes

Global warming and other pressing environmental issues continue to affect the quality of life in most homes. Fortunately, you can do your part by incorporating solar energy to build a sustainable home. But what solar power uses are applicable for a residential setting?

This article will provide you with four practical uses that can be valuable additions to your sustainable home. Take this opportunity to reimagine what you can do for the environment and become a model citizen for your family and community by supporting green energy initiatives.

Solar-powered water heater

Water heaters are a great addition to your home. You can run a relaxing hot bath after work and take a nice warm shower during the colder months. There are two kinds of solar-powered water heaters that you can use. They are called active and passive solar hot water systems.

Active solar hot water systems function by a mechanical pump that circulates the water from the rooftop heat collection panels. On the other hand, passive hot water systems use the water’s heat to distribute it around.

There are situations where you may have the freedom to choose between these two hot water systems. You may also have a solar system that can only work with either type. Consult with a solar power specialist to find the most sustainable solution for your home.

Solar-powered ventilation fans

If you are looking for ways to reduce cooling costs, you can have solar-powered ventilation fans installed to redirect all the hot air away from your home. Most homeowners use self-contained roof ventilation systems with a small photoelectric cell to operate the fan motor.

There are also freestanding solar-powered fans that you can install in your backyard or in places that you would like to keep cool during the summer. Have your space inspected by a solar power specialist to install the appropriate ventilation system.

Solar house heating

You can harness the power of the sun to effectively heat your home during the cold months. Solar house heating is your green energy solution to save on electricity costs since you won’t be using an HVAC system. You may get either an active or passive solar house heating system, depending on your budget and your home’s solar capabilities.

Solar heating for the pool

You no longer have to be anxious about jumping into your cold swimming pool. A full-fledged solar water heating system can harness the heat from the sun and gradually heat your pool water. Take note that you may have to use rooftop-installed solar panels and an efficient solar system for successful heating.

Book a Discovery Call First!

You may have a solar-powered appliance in mind for your home, but you may not have the tools and expertise to ensure that these are the best sustainable choices. That is why it is highly recommended that you book a discovery call with us at Socal Solar Guru to determine the best solar energy packages for your sustainability needs.

We can also come up with a solar power purchase agreement that works for your convenience. Book your discovery call today!


You can do your part in energy conservation by adding more solar-powered units to your home. However, you need to find the best solutions that work within your house, budget, and lifestyle. Book a discovery call today to ensure that you get the best residential solar systems for your home.

Socal Solar Guru provides the best solar panels in Upland. We are open to providing you with all the information and advice you need to transform your home into a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly space. Harness the power of the sun efficiently with us!

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