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4 Common Solar Panel Mistakes in Homes: What You Need To Know

Investing in solar power for your home can be a truly liberating and transformative experience. It’s a crucial and active step towards protecting the environment through energy conservation. However, you should not merely buy solar panels without making well-informed decisions. You should also do your best to avoid costly mistakes that can affect your solar power experience.

This article will provide you with four common mistakes that most homeowners make with solar power energy. Take it as an opportunity to build a green-friendly home that you and your family can be proud of and invest in other home solutions to save the environment.

Mistake #1: Buying Solar Panels Without Booking A Consultation

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is purchasing solar panels without first understanding their viability in their homes. You cannot merely buy a panel, put it on the roof, and expect it to power your home. You need to consult with a solar panel expert to ensure that you get the right solar system, have a place with ample sunlight, and cover other fine details that should be taken into consideration before investing in solar power.

Fortunately, there are convenient options for home consultations about solar power, thanks to Socal Solar Guru. All you need is fifty minutes to an hour to talk with a solar power expert and come up with a comprehensive plan for your home. Book your consultation today to make the best decision for your home.

Mistake #2: Not Getting Insurance for Your Solar System

Never invest in a solar system with no insurance options because you may need repairs and other maintenance services. You may also experience some complications when placing the panels on your roof. However, you also have to remember that not all solar panel providers have insurance or options with less comprehensive coverage.

For example, let’s say you decide on getting a solar panel rental. Compared to purchasing, rentals may have limited insurance coverage, meaning you have to pay extra. The best solution is to weigh your options in the long-run by considering your current savings and daily costs. Doing so will enable you to make a fiscally sound decision.

Mistake# 3: Going Solar But Not Reducing Energy Consumption

The point of incorporating solar power into your home is to make a conscious effort to reduce energy consumption. That is because before installing solar panels, your home must pass an energy audit by a certified solar power expert to determine whether your decision to go solar will reduce energy consumption. You may not get recommended for solar power because your current energy consumption is not efficient enough or at all.

As such, conserve electricity consumption now while you don’t have solar power. Motivate your family to practice good habits, like turning off the lights when no one is home and unplugging appliances when not in use. Through this, you can prepare your home to transition into solar energy and create a genuinely sustainable home.

Mistake #4: Not Reading Up on Solar Energy

You cannot just get into solar energy on a whim, especially when taking active steps to have installed solar panels in your home. You and your family need to read resources to ensure that you are oriented on all the essential details. Read our blog at Socal Solar Guru and find useful resources on residential solar energy.


Purchasing solar panels for your home is a commitment to a better tomorrow, and you need to ensure that there is no room for error. Fortunately, there are resources available to empower your advocacy for a greener future. Invest in solar panels today!

Socal Solar Guru can provide you with the best solar panels for your home. We can connect you with the top manufacturers and solar programs in the country to guarantee your access to reliable solar energy at home. Partner with us to make your home energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

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